Frederiksen — Memoirs

10 year plan

1.) Stay healthy. How: keep morning daily exercise routine (5x 100m-sprint followed by 100m-walk/jogg, 3x50 pushups, 3x12 pull-ups, 2x100 sit-ups - once or twice a week bench/squat/deadlift). Remain 90%+ vegan. Sleep 22:30 - Wakeup 06:30

2.) Maintain, recover and expand my social network. Planned networking. Life is to short not to hang out with the brightest brains. Ma Huateng, Allen Zhang, Peter Thiel, Brendan Blumer, Yuri Milner, Paul Graham, Jack Ma, Nicklas Zennstrom, Jan Koum, Brian Acton, Marc Zuckerberg, Oliver Samwer, Eduardo Saverin, Sam Altman, Michael Siebel, John Carmack, Masayoshi Son, Reid Hoffman, Jim Goetz, Elon Musk, Joe Rogan, ..

3.) Definite optimist. Laugh daily. Concrete short/mid/long plans. Morning make and revise todo-list. Think more and always three loops before talk.

4.) Great entrepreneurs work on great problems. Best salesman sells the easiest products to sell. Easiest product to sell is more money with evidence of why and how.

5.) Only focus on one thing that moves at exponential growth. Do not waste time on optimise or defend existing cash/fortune. Fighting compounding inflation by moving cash around is a boring life.

- 27 toasts