Frederiksen — Memoirs

Clear thinking

Discipline of clear thinking (vs fuzzy thinking)

Some people think. Some people think they think. And the great majority would rather die then to think.

Discipline of clear thinking is important because the way you think and the quality of thinking determines the quality of your decisions and choices which determines the actions you take which determines your results.

Your results determines the quality of your life.

Most seek to bombard their minds with sensory input to avoid thinking at all costs.

To think well it requires techniques. Take time to think. Long unbroken chunks of time. Avoid fast decisions that have long term implications usually involving people or money. Think long term consequences and look at things from every angle.

Solitude is the most powerful thinking tool.

After first 20-25 minutes mind becomes clear. But magic happens at around 60 minutes. Think on paper. Head and hand.

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