Frederiksen — Memoirs

Never split the difference - Book notes

Mirror = last word(s) with upward tone

Label = seems sounds looks

Slow things down = make counterpart comfort = Late night DJ voice

Innocent playful smiling voice = standard position

When receive an ask always counter with an open ended question: how am I supposed to do that? How do you envision this?

Yes/maybe = worthless

No= alter conversation / start the neg Eliminate what you don’t want

Demand/telling = fail, because human need of autonomy (people rather die then give it up)

No means I’m not yet ready to agree You are making me feel uncomfortable Do not understand / need more info I want to walk it over with someone else

Counterfit Yes (plans to say no but feels yes is easier route or just want to learn/get info)

Confirmation Yes (innocent, affirmation with no promise of action = go away)

Commitment Yes (real deal, signature on contract)

- 4 toasts